Vacuum soldering achieves reproducibly higher strengths than induction soldering. This is guaranteed by the automated process flow. A significant increase in tool life is achieved with metal cutting - heat dissipation is far better guaranteed, since the cutting material is also integrated into the soldering. In general, vacuum soldering is cleaner than atmospheric soldering.

Example: Soldering a little carbide bolt

Example: Soldering two little carbide bolts

Soldering different DIN-WSPs

The area of application for vacuum soldering is very diverse. It is not only used in the machining industry, also in the area of wear parts or other workpieces that need to be joined cleanly and with high strength. Furthermore, it is only possible with vacuum soldering to solder CVD cutting material to a carrier, since CVD has no carbide substructure.

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Advantages in overview:

  • Significantly higher strength than inductive soldering
  • Increased heat dissipation capacity, since not only the carbide substructure, also the respective cutting material is included in the soldering-process
  • NO material distortion by program controlled heating
  • Each soldering process is reproducible and identical in quality
  • Vacuum-Soldering is x-times cleaner than soldering under normal atmosphere
    • This creates a much better connection