High speed steel (HSS) is characterised by high wear resistance, great hardness, good tempering properties and a temperature strength of up to 600 °C. Coatings of titanium nitride enable these properties to be improved further and increase corrosion resistance . HSS cutting inserts have a high cutting speed and a large chip space. They are not sensitive to impacts or vibrations, which permits smaller wedge angles and a low roughness depth. Special solutions can also be readily provided.

CNC - Production

HSS - Insert

CNC - Production

The high toughness in combination with a precisely sharp tool cutting edge enable many plastics and low alloy tool steels to be crafted with economic efficiency. Excellent economic results can be achieved even with older machines.

Advantages in overview:

  • Very tough cutting material
  • High wear resistance
  • Large chip spaces are possible with HSS-Inserts
  • Absorbs vibrations very well
  • Is also suitable for older machines