Polycrystalline diamond is extremely hard and is produced by sintering together selected diamond particles with a bonding matrix under high pressure and temperatures. As a result of its extreme hardness and toughness, PCD is extremely wear-resistant and has high thermal conductivity. The combination of the excellent hardness and wear properties of the diamond with the strength properties of the carbide makes PCD a cutting tool material that permits metal cutting performance up to the very limits of today's the machine tools and metal cutting systems.

PCD with Laser-Chip-Breaker

PCD - Milling Cutter Insert

Automated Production

We use a wide range of PCD types from different manufacturers to enable you to best perform your tasks.

Advantages in overview:

  • Ultra hard cutting material - great suitability for aluminum
  • Good heat dissipation through PCD material and the additional better vacuum soldering
  • Significantly better connection between HM carrier and PCD segment due to high-vacuum soldering
  • Upon request, laser-inserted chipbreaker, prevent controlled flow chips
  • Depending on the application with edge finish or sharp edge