Carbide cutting inserts

Thanks to their excellent resistance to wear and their high hot hardness, carbide cutting inserts can be used very individually for a particular purpose or material. For economically efficient production, it often makes sense to coat the cutting insert in order to achieve a higher service life . Thanks to our cooperation with renowned coating companies, we can offer you all services from a single source. Even special solutions are no problem for us.

We have a wide range of carbide blanks that are perfectly suited to corresponding special/indexable inserts.



CBN cutting inserts

Cubic boron nitride is the second-hardest known material after diamond, and as such, is ideal for cutting tools that wears far more slowly than those with other cutting tool materials. We therefore achieve a very high degree of shape and dimensional accuracy and can machine hard materials such as steel more reliably.

The good thermal conductivity means that the high grinding temperatures do not affect CBN, and the resulting metal cutting heat is not a problem either.




PCD cutting inserts

Polycrystalline diamond is extremely hard and is produced by sintering together selected diamond particles with a bonding matrix under high pressure and temperatures. As a result of its extreme hardness and toughness, PCD is extremely wear-resistant and has high thermal conductivity. The combination of the excellent hardness and wear properties of the diamond with the strength properties of the carbide makes PCD a cutting tool material that permits metal cutting performance up to the very limits of today's the machine tools and metal cutting systems.

We use a wide range of PCD types from different manufacturers to enable you to best perform your tasks.



HSS cutting inserts

High speed steel (HSS) is characterised by high wear resistance, great hardness, good tempering properties and a temperature strength of up to 600 °C. Coatings of titanium nitride enable these properties to be improved further and increase corrosion resistance . HSS cutting inserts have a high cutting speed and a large chip space. They are not sensitive to impacts or vibrations, which permits smaller wedge angles and a low roughness depth. Special solutions can also be readily provided.

The high toughness in combination with a precisely sharp tool cutting edge enable many plastics and low alloy tool steels to be crafted with economic efficiency. Excellent economic results can be achieved even with older machines.

Ceramic cutting inserts

These ceramic cutting tool materials are often used for grooving or facing cast metal or hard cast steel parts as well as for cutting and for the fine machining of materials.

After first-time use, these cutting inserts can frequently be reused for regrinding, sometimes in the next dimension down.

CVD cutting inserts

CVD-diamond exceeds PCD in terms of mechanical and thermical properties by far.

Especially in high wear applications it shows clear advantages.

CVD consists of pure diamond without binder which is extracted from gas phase by a special C(hemical) V(apour) D(eposition) process.

Certainly due to the more complex manufacturing processes it has to be evaluated if there is an economical advantage  for the user at the end.

CVD has to be brazed in high-vacuum which is be done inhouse with state-of-the-art equipment.

Additionally in many cases a lasered chip-form geometry is used to optimize the machining process all in one.

We use different grades from different OEMs and are therefore able to take the right choice for your application.